Sunday, August 17, 2008

Population Reports

One of the things that's particularly difficult for a PCP to do is keep a population view of all the patients under their care. We're able to use the Vermedx® database to generate just such a view: a roster of all the provider's diabetic patients.

The first page has a summary of the panel with statistics about how many patients are included, how many are under control, and how the panel compares to the whole database and to the best practices.

Th following pages list the patients with their latest results.

A full size version is here.

Providers can use these reports to assess their performance, monitor quality improvement efforts, and identify patients who need extra attention.

We send them out to the practices every three months. One of the nicest calls we get is "Can I have a copy of my Pop Report? I want to do some quality improvement work." That really makes my day!

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