Wednesday, September 21, 2011

QR Codes for communicating with patients...

QR Codes are those funny little black and white squares that look like a checkerboard with a screw loose. They can contain a surprising amount of information. For instance, here is the URL for this blog:
If you scan this code with you phone, you will be directed ..... right back here.  You can also do text. This one contains some words of wisdom from Mark Twain:

QR Codes are starting to be used in marketing (I've seen them on posters and flyers), but now that smart phones are so ubiquitous, they provide an option for sharing information with patients (an others). If you turn their medication list into a QR Code, they can scan it right into their smart phone and have it handy whenever. Here is a 6-minute video from the folks at Skyline Family Practice, in Front Royal, Virginia with some examples:

( for the non-scanning crowd)

Have fun scanning!

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