Monday, April 19, 2010

Brookings Institution Weighs in on Information Exchange

It was my honor and pleasure to serve on a panel convened by the Brookings Institution that discussed ways to better take advantage of laboratory data in diabetes. We discussed a lot of interesting ideas and made some suggestions on how to overcome the various barriers (legal, social, political, technical and psychological) that stand between the data and improved patient services.  Here is the announcement of the report's release:

Expert Panel Recommendations: Lab Data Integration for Diabetes Care Improvement
Integrating lab results with other sources of data, such as claims and other contextual, clinical patient health information, has the potential to significantly increase the data’s usefulness with regard to decision-support and care management improvement, and performance and population health management. The Engelberg Center convened a panel of key stakeholder experts – representing physicians, payers, health IT vendors, laboratory vendors, policy makers, regulators, and academics – to develop recommendations for overcoming key barriers and challenges to the collection and integration of electronic lab data through practical and replicable solutions. Read the panel’s full report.

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